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30 Day Isagenix Advanced Weight Management System
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30 Day Isagenix Advanced Weight Management System

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START today to CLEANSE your body!

The 30-Day Weight Loss System is designed to kick-start your weight loss and, as a long-term, flexible program, help you achieve and maintain lasting results. A replacement of unhealthy cravings with premium nutrition.

  • Helps build and maintain lean muscle
  • Supports healthy metabolism for sustainable and effective weight loss
  • Supports the body as it rids itself of impurities while increasing energy levels

Each Pak Includes:

IsaLean™ Shake

A nutritious, low-glycaemic, meal replacement Shake that delivers quality whey and milk protein, energy-fuelling carbohydrates, good fats and filling fibre you need to maintain good health

• 24 g high-quality undenatured whey and milk protein
• Supports weight loss and lean muscle growth
• 21 vitamins and minerals offer balanced nutrition

Cleanse for Life™

A synergistic blend of natural cleansing herbs and antioxidant botanicals to help support the body’s own detoxification processes.

  • Helps eliminate stubborn fat and supports metabolism*
  • Nourishes the body’s own detoxification systems*
  • Powerful antioxidants nourish and protect your body*

Ionix® Supreme

Ionix Supreme is a nutrient-rich tonic, featuring a blend of Adaptogens designed to protect against the negative effects of stress.*

  • Helps balance and normalise the body’s systems*
  • Energises cells to support faster post-exercise recovery*
  • Supports clarity and focus*

Natural Accelerator™

Natural Accelerator uses natural ingredients such as cayenne, green tea and cinnamon to support thermogenesis and boost metabolism to help you burn fat.*

  • Excellent addition to Cleanse Days
  • Helps boost metabolism to burn fat*
  • Stimulant-free to avoid jitters


Combines cleansing herbs and minerals to aid in digestive regularity and overall health. A balanced digestive system supports the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and eliminate waste.*

  • Safely improves digestion*
  • Encourages regularity*
  • No harsh laxatives

Isagenix Snacks™

Contain a perfect balance of nutrients to help naturally satisfy your appetite to keep your weight-loss goals on track.

  • A nutritionally balanced chewable snack for Cleanse Days
  • Contains undenatured whey and milk protein
  • Available in Natural Chocolate flavour
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